TeleConsult Europe is a professional European provider of radiology services for hospitals, clinics and imaging centres. We offer our clients flexible radiology capacity based on two interchangeable service modules;

  • Teleradiology
  • On site radiologists

The primary objective of our highly trained physicians and staff is to enable our clients to provide optimal patient care and diagnostic services by placing quality and value first. Our synergetic modules provide tailored radiology services to hospitals, clinics and imaging centres. Whether you need an on-site radiologist, reports through teleradiology or a combination of both, we help you to reduce waiting lists, cope with understaffing, and create greater flexibility for your existing radiology staff.

- Teleradiology services:

Our sub-specialty teleradiologists report over 100.000 diagnostic studies per year via our 4 remote reading centres. We offer a 36 hour turnaround time and our  IT platform offers our clients web based access to the reports at every stage of the reading process. Our clients enjoy reliable, high quality reporting and service at  competitive prices.

- On site radiologist & Staffing:

Our Staffing division recruits certified medical professionals for part time and full time positions. In the 10 years of the company's history we have successfully recruited and placed radiologists and other medical specialists in over 60 hospitals and clinics. We help our clients by recruiting and selecting the best candidates within our extensive database of subscribed medical specialists. Or we do so by pro actively headhunting candidates with the desired expertise. We also develop individual recruitment campaigns for our clients. After a selection process we organise intake meetings with at least 3 suitable candidates and monitor the process until the contract is signed.

TeleConsult Europe's radiology services can improve the capacity, efficiency and cost effectiveness of your department through our unique combination of radiology services. We look forward to sharing our expertise with your group.

For information contact our client service desk.

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